We’re glad you found us! Whether you are looking to book a Scan with us, searching for more
information about 3D and 4D Ultrasound or just curious, we wish you a pleasant time. Our whole service is based on close interaction with you. Here at Bumps & Joys we are committed to providing you a world class service. Our services are designed and tailored specifically to meet your needs and expectations.

When we think of a customer we think about the overall experience a customer would expect. This includes your general wellbeing, conduct of our staff, the significance of your scan, the quality of images and video and most importantly what you take away as perception.

At the heart of our ethos is empathy, flexibility and affordability. Our staff are trained to treat each customer as they would expect themselves to be treated. We try our best to accommodate you at a time which is most suitable for you. We also believe that every customer should have the opportunity to see their baby in 4D, hence we provide 4D previews with all our packages. We have given a lot of thought to our prices to ensure we offer the best quality at most reasonable prices.

We understand that our scans are elective hence you would expect the best service. Whether it is attention to detail, your general care or the quality of imaging – we do it best.


The simple answer is we don’t but we strive to do things better. To start with, we realise that expectant families might be a little anxious before their scan, after all having a baby is one the best experiences you’ll ever have. To that effect we have created a relaxing atmosphere in our scanning studio to make you feel most at home. This experience is quite different to a hospital visit and our job is to make sure that you enjoy your visit and take a positive impression with you.

We also realise that your friends and family are a big part of your journey. In order to meet the expectation of your overall experience we welcome your friends and family to join you for your scan. For a visual experience of our scanning rooms and facilities please see our STUDIO GALLERY.

We are also conscious of the fact that the content you take away is equally important, hence we pay special attention to the quality of your images, video and other features.

All our packages are designed keeping you in mind. We’ve tried our best to ensure that you can achieve your desirable outcome at the most reasonable price. Whether you are eager to find out the gender of your baby, have a 3D or a 4D experience we have you in mind.

IMAGE PRINTS Your images are printed on lab quality hard glossy paper and not on thin thermal paper.

VIDEO AND DVD Normal practice in the industry is to provide you with a video recording at the end of your session. We do not do that, simply because the video output has many clips, some good and others not so good. We take all your video clips away, edit the clips in a beautifully presented video and personalise it to you. We also add titles and background music to make it more professional and for you to cherish your experience in years to come. For a sample DVD please click on VIDEO GALLERY.

SLIDESHOW We add a slideshow of your best images as standard to all 4D packages. A slideshow presents a nice view of the best images in a soft transition with background music of the best image chosen by you. For a sample of slideshow please click on SLIDESHOW GALLERY.

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